Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Six Reasons That Make You Pursue Master in Social Work Degree

Social work is a growing field which requires intelligent and emotionally strong people who could represent the population from the marginalised sections of the society. It’s been a profession that challenges outdated policies and brings change to the society, communities and individuals. Social workers fight for social justice and human rights and strive to make the world a better place.

Since Australian Government ensures that all its residents enjoy social justice and human rights, social workers are regarded and accoladed in the country. That’s why you will see Australian universities offer numerous social work courses for international students and the native ones. In case, you are wondering whether social work is a degree for you, the following are some reasons why it is:

You will learn to make a positive impact

The profession is all about understanding and trying to improve the lives of people. Social workers listen to people, from young children to people who struggle with addictions, and help them to cope and enhance their happiness. As a professional, you will be making a different person’s life easier every day.

You will have abundant job opportunities

A social work degree provides you with the skills to undertake many different professional roles. These roles often include working as a charity officer, a probation officer and a family support worker. Social work is known as a future-proof profession.

You will experience every day is a different day

If you are not interested in a career in which you are required to be sitting in front of a computer screen all day, then pursuing Master in Social Work degree can be a more exciting option. Different situations come up every day, and social work professionals find themselves amid different settings from homes to hospitals to police departments. Also, a social work degree holder gets lucrative salary package in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

You will gain transferable ability and skills

Once you have studied social work, you may decide that a profession which is directly related to the subject area is not for you. Skills acquired through social work courses are valued by many employers in different sectors, though. These skills include problems solving, communication, empathy, time management and teamwork.

The world needs you

There will always be individuals and communities in need, so there’ll always be a demand for people who are educated in the subject area, meaning you will face no difficulty in finding a job.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Top 3 Professional Year Providers in Australia

If you’re studying engineering, accounting or IT in Australia and want to live in this country permanently, then you can think of joining Professional Year Melbourne program. The program is designed for international students who have completed their graduation degree from an Australian institution. Managed by the respective professional bodies and recognised by the DIBP, the PY aims at enhancing the employability of overseas students.

There are various benefits of completing PY, but top four benefits are:

  • Qualify for five migration points: The completion of the program earns five migration points towards permanent residency (PR) in Australia.
  • Professional work experience: The program includes a 12-week internship with an Australian host company.
  • Understand workplace culture: The program enables you to understand the Australian workplace culture, ethics, and language. It also improves your CV and interview skills.
  • Build industry network: The PY program will help you create your own network in the industry.

Following are some well-known PY providers:

Navitas Professional: Navitas Professional Year is a career-focused program designed for outstanding employment outcomes. Navitas Professional has been offering PY program since 2008, and it’s the only provider to offer this program in ICT, Accounting and Engineering in five Australian states.

Monash Professional Pathways: Being the first PY provider, Monash Professional Pathways helps graduates to make a successful and smooth transition from formal education to professional career. It has an extensive network of internship host companies, across a wide range of roles and industries.

Education Centre of Australia: The ECA is an approved PY provider in consultation with the CPA Australia, Australian Computer Society, and the Institutes of Public Accountants. It has been offering high-quality PY program to accounting and ICT graduates since 2008.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the PY program, you must:

  • Have completed your graduation from an Australian university (minimum two years duration)
  • Hold or applied for subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate visa)
  • Provide evidence of English language proficiency

The program applies to the international students who’ve studied accounting, IT or engineering courses in Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia.

So, if you’re committed to realising your Australian dreams, you must join the PY program.
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Friday, December 15, 2017

3 Things to Remember When Hiring an Education Agent in Australia

The popularity of overseas education has led to the emergence of students planning to study abroad. If you happen to be a student pursuing higher education in Australia¸ you need to hire an education consultant Sydney to get proper information about the career opportunities and other options.

However, there are many situations in which overseas students have been misguided by the education agents and have lost their time and money and even risked their visas. So, if you want to seek any help from an education expert or migration agent, you can adhere to the following tips to identify the right agent for you:

Choose an authorised representative

Any education agent can claim to be an official representative of an educational institution or university. You need to check whether the agent is an authorised representative of the institution or not. Under the Australia Law, every Australian institute or university that uses the services of an education consultant or agent needs to have a contract with him/her as well as list him/her on its website. You can confirm this by going through the institute’s website to see if the agent is listed there.

Your agent should have expertise in the Australian market

Only an education or migration agent in Melbourne who has experience in helping overseas students can understand your problem and help you resolve it. There are many agents who will offer you in-depth knowledge of the Australian education system, visa requirements and PR options. Don’t forget to check if the agent whom you are looking to hire has experience of being an overseas student himself or not.

Your agent should be honest with you

An education consultant or agent doesn’t guarantee a permanent visa or work placement in Australia. Their job is to guide you through the best education pathway. You should keep away from the one who promises you a permanent residency (PR) or employment in exchange for money.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What do you need to score high at PTE exam Australia?

You may probably not know how significant the PTE exam is when it comes to applying for admission to your preferred courses in Australia. This test is a gateway leading to your dream course. It is important to have English language proficiency when you want to study your higher education abroad. Australian Government has made it compulsory for every immigrant to be equipped communication skills. It is because English is the official language of the country. Persons with the inability to communicate in this language will find difficult to get a job and would remain unemployed in most of the cases.

Even in universities and other educational institutions all the faculties and teaching staffs teach in English. Overseas students attending the seminars, conferences and even for writing assignments need a considerable amount of proficiency in the language. The more you score in the test, the better your proficiency will get demonstrated. And the score secured here is accepted and even asked for in Australian educational institutes and universities. Even for applying for a visa, immigration department will ask you to prove your proficiency, and this test score will be accepted. This PTE exam Australia became very much popular and helped people in hundreds to migrate there.    

Where and how to book your PTE Academic exam to avail the discount?

If you are new and willing to sit for the test, here, you may want to know more in details about the way to prepare and book for the exam. The first thing that you need to do is to know the syllabus of the exam or test. The exam is for 3 hours within this stipulated time; you need to attempt the four parts comprised of listening, reading, writing and speaking. The test examines these four aspects of the candidates applying for a student visa to migrate to Australia. If you are not yet fully confident about cracking the test, you can take coaching for PTE Academic exam. There are many agencies which help aspiring students in preparing for the test.

For booking the test, you have two alternatives. One is you can directly visit Pearson website and book there after making the necessary payment of required amount. However, you can also book through resellers such as AECC GLOBAL in which you can get 10% discount. You will be offered a PTE promo code which you need to enter while making payment to get a necessary discount. So, you can save of AUD 33 after making payment of AUD 297.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Significance of PTE exam for studying at prestigious institution in Australia

No matter how much your heart aches for higher study in Australia, unless you meet the eligibility criteria set by Australian education department, you cannot fulfil your dream. Here, let’s talk about one of the necessary eligibility criteria for admission in the university - the English language proficiency.

This language proficiency is essential and without which overseas students from non-English speaking countries may not be eligible for taking admission in colleges and other educational institutions.

 To prove the ability of the language, every aspiring candidate requires securing good score at PTE Academic exam. The score obtained in this test is highly regarded to determine the eligibility of the students for granting a visa and securing a seat at universities or colleges.

Australia is one of the major English-speaking countries where English is the official language. For migrants who do not know how to listen, speak, write and read in this language medium, they may find difficulty. It is because in universities or institutions the medium of instruction is English. Students need to write, attend classes, seminars and prepare assignments in English. This is the reason Australian education department stresses on the proficiency of the language.

What to cover for preparing PTE Academic exam?

No matter what level of the language proficiency you hold, if you still want to migrate there, you need to push yourself for securing good score in the language proficiency test.  And, you are ready to work hard and put any amount of time and effort for preparing PTE exam Australia. This test becomes easier for those candidates who can fluently speak and write in English. However, those who cannot still look forward to preparing well.

During the test, aspirants need to focus on all the four sections comprising of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Students willing to give the exam can save some money through applying PTE promo code which offers 10% discount. After discount, they need to pay a sum of AUD 297 and can save AUD 33. Promo code offer can be applied through a reseller agency.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The important details about Pearson Test of English

Willing to take admission in a leading Australian university on your preferred subject? The first thing you need to do is showing your English language proficiency. And it must be proved through the PTE exam. It stands for Pearson Test of English which is an online exam testing your skill level of your English language. Australia, being an English-speaking country, made it mandatory for all immigrants coming from non-English speaking countries to possess the language proficiency to avoid any unemployment issue or any form of inconveniences.

 It is important for the overseas students to be proficient in English because without the skill they will find difficult to understand what teachers or faculties teach in classes. Everything from writing an assignment, attending seminars, listening lectures and giving exams require a level of proficiency to catch.

 However, even if you do not have proficiency, never mind. You can still learn the language and then can apply for a visa for study in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. Before you move further, here has a helpful glimpse at these four essential facts of Pearson Test of English.

 Four important facts about Pearson Test of English

Four sections in PTE test: - Pearson PTE test has four sections to attempt. These are listening, reading, writing and speaking and each of these sections carry its mark. So, you must attempt all sections well giving an equal amount of time and importance of each of them.

 Need to pay while booking PTE test: - The PTE Test is of course, not for free and aspirants willing to sit for it would be required to pay online through online banking and credit card.

PTE is an online test: - The test is conducted online, and it benefits candidates because there is no chance of getting a biased score in the test. 

PTE has discount voucher: - When you want to book PTE exam, mind it that you can avail discount coupon. Purchasing it will enable you to save AUD 33 and only you need to pay AUD 297 after 10% discount from the total standard cost of AUD 330.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pearson PTE Test-An entrance for immigrants to study and work in Australia

Australia has always maintained the same level of the standard over the years. Even with changing times, this country adopted different tactics mainly focused on keeping the same level of standard. It reflects the fact that the island country made it compulsory for every immigrant to possess a certain level of English language proficiency. The level of skill required or asked varies based on the type of occupation to be engaged. To be precise, it means different levels of ability are asked on various visa applications. The proficiency of the English language gets reflected through the PTE score secured by candidates.

Australia is an English-speaking country where communication in English is critical for every day’s dealings. To lessen the extra burden of unemployment on the part of immigrants not possessing language fluency, the Government in the country set a standard. Hence, while preparing for the Pearson PTE test, it may further help to sharpen the language skills. And once the aspiring candidates succeed in scoring the required marks, it will open the door towards studying at dream institution in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’.   

Important details about PTE booking

The high score in Pearson Test of English will make you eligible for admission in Australian universities and certainly preferred courses. Besides, candidates also require showing proficiency proof before granting visa either for study or work. So, book PTE exam in advance and devote some valuable times in preparing for it. For booking, payment must be made online through Master card, Visa debit card and American Express or Internet banking. The total amount charged for booking PTE test is AUD 330. 

Candidates can book it directly from the official website of Pearson or through an official reseller. AECC Global is an official reseller of PTE voucher worldwide. You can avail 10% discount to save AUD 33 booking on the standard price scheduling your test through us. Contact us to buy a voucher from us today.